What Causes Stretch Marks?

These are skin problems that are caused by many factors. A stretch mark is a common skin disfigurement that affects the population of men and women. The following are factors that contribute to stretch mark development: weight gain, hormonal changes, growth spurts, pregnancy, excessive exercise and abrupt weight loss. Stress and the use of steroids also contribute to the formation of stretch marks.

Are these marks on my skin permanent?

Woman’s LegIs it possible that my striae will disappear completely? This specific point is without a doubt posed from a wide range of individuals because both males and females are afflicted by this dilemma. The most significant issue many individuals encounter when attempting to eliminate the scars on their skin, is because they have no idea exactly what the most effective treatment solutions are. The majority of people are convinced surgery is essential to actually eliminate stretchmarks.

Despite the fact that surgical procedures really do work, the specific downside is simply because they can be very expensive not to mention outside the grasp of the majority of people. Perhaps the most suitable option may actually be several of the lotions that are available. The present day balms tend to be virtually magical treatments. By using consistently, the formula in a great balm will be able to permeate deeply directly into the dermis helping such scars to fade.  While many claim that these skin nuisances can disappear with the use of medication, there are no studies yet that prove this. Moreover, the evanescence of these marks depends on how long the scars exist and the stretch mark removal method used.

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Who Can Be Affected By Them?

Anyone can get affected with stretch marks. These marks never discriminate and can affect any gender. These unsightly lines found on the skin particularly on thighs, buttocks, bust and backs. The appearance of the marks depends on ones skin. For example, those who have a dark complexion have light brown-colored scarring.

What are White and Red Marks?

This type of skin scarring can bered or white. The difference between the two is the time the scars are formed. The longer you have the stretch marks they turn to silvery streaks becoming less visible as they attempt to repair. They are both permanent scarring of the skin which confirms that they do not ever entirely fade completely. Despite everything, even when the skin is damaged in this way, there is still something we can do about it.

If these marks fade away, that’s probably because they are fresher wounds. This typical kind of stretch mark is known as the red type. They are easily treated with creams or lotions, which are cheaper alternatives for stretch mark removal.  Surgery such as abdominaloplasty or laser therapy is more effective, but is also more expensive.

Some Simple Options to help with this problem?

The following are just some of the preventive ways to try and thwart these marks:

  • Exercise. Getting toned prevents the occurrence of stretch marks in the first place together with other skin problems such as cellulitis.
  • Exercise increases blood flow to the area going to cells.
  • Applying lotions and creams on the marks.
  • There are various stretch mark removal preparations that are sold over-the-counter. Choose creams with natural ingredients and labeled hypoallergenic. Look for ingredients that are proven effective in reducing marks such as Tretinoin and Vitamin E. Lotions and creams cannot completely remove any marks, but they can certainly help by making them less noticeable.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water is good for the body. It keeps skin cells hydrated.
  • Do not scratch stretch marks.
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How Laser Surgery Works on Stretch Marks?

The only sure way of removing stretch marks is by laser surgery. This procedure works by attacking the dermis part of the skin and stimulate collagen synthesis. In order to obtain best results, laser surgery needs to be done over and over again. The downside of this stretch mark removal treatment is the cost.