Olive oil includes an extensive form of usages for home treatments, as stated by the University of California Cooperative Extension in Sonoma County. In supplementation to health advantages, like reducing cholesterol, and cosmetic reasons, like reinforcing fingernails, olive oil can also be utilized to improve the skin by way of decreasing the look of scars via its elevated quantities of vitamin E and K. Scars can manifest as an outcome of reasonable or serious acne or injuries and although scars normally disappear on their own, olive oil can accelerate the procedures. Here are tips about using olive oil for scar removal.

Tip #1: Massage

Massage a tablespoon of olive oil onto your scars. As stated by the University of California Cooperative Extension in Sonoma County, virgin olive oil performs excellently due to its blend of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. It also contains elevated acidity level compared to extra costly brands of extra-virgin olive oil. The acidity can aid improve the scars. Keep on massaging the olive oil on your scars for about five minutes to slacken off the scar tissue.

Tip #2: Let the Olive Oil Stay on Skin

Let the olive oil stay on your skin for 10 minutes before wiping it away by way of a dirt free cloth.

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Tip #3: Combine Olive Oil and Baking Soda

Combine a teaspoon each of olive oil and baking soda. Massage the blend onto your skin before washing. The olive oil and baking soda will exfoliate and scrub away dead skin cells, showing new and healthier skin beneath.

Tip #4: Make Natural, Herbal Scar-Smoothing Oil

Mix six drops each of chamomile and calendula essential oils in a glass bottle. Let the oils relax with each other for approximately 2 days.

Tip #5: Incorporate Olive Oil with Rosehip Oil

Add up two teaspoon olive oil and one teaspoon rosehips seed oil to the essential oil blend. Shake the bottle to combine the oils collectively.

Tip #6: Proper Application is Crucial

Put on a dime-sized quantity of the olive oil serum onto the scarred skin. Massage the oil profoundly into the scars in a spherical movement. For most excellent outcomes, put on the olive oil serum two times daily. Bear in mind that slow and sustained usage will restore new scars to health and diminish old scars.

Tip #7: Continue Using It

Keep on putting on the olive oil serum until you have eliminated all scars. Remember that it might take up to two weeks prior you begin noticing any outcomes.

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Tip #8: Preparation is Key

Buy olive oil from a grocery or health food store. The olive oil medication will be extra efficient if you will rinse your face with gentle soap and lukewarm water. This will stop dirt or makeup from being massaged into the acne scar.

Tip #9: Make a Good Combination

An olive oil medication can be executed by way of genuine olive oil. You can also blend the olive oil along with lemon juice. This blend will lighten the scar and lessen it simultaneously.

Tip #10: Use as a Standard Medication

Plunge your fingers into the olive oil, and rub it down into your acne scars utilizing, small, spherical movements. Let your skin soak up the olive oil for approximately 15 minutes prior washing it off with water. Do this process up to five times daily.

These are ways by which you can maximize the results of using olive oil for scar removal. You can follow any of the tips provided for above.