Water is the most important component of our body to do all functions properly like to maintain the fluid level, pH balance, flush out the toxins, delivering useful nutrients to our cells and transport oxygen to the blood vessels. We all know that drinking 8 glasses of water are sufficient for us to protect from dehydration (Depending on the various conditions of the body, it may be differ).

According to studies our 60% body weight consisting water components depending upon the body sizes. Human body muscle, brain, bones & blood consist of 75%, 90%, 22% and 83% water respectively. In our normal routine life we lose water through breath, urine, perspiration and finally bowel movements. This water lose can be completed by drinking liquids, beverages, fruits and vegetables that contain water, the choice is yours. So check out the top health benefits of drinking water as follows:

  1. To Maintain The Balance of Body Fluids: Water is essential to maintain the body temperature, indigestion, production of saliva, blood oxygen circulation, absorption, for nutrient transportation, helps with metabolism and to pass out harmful toxins in the body.
  2. Control Weight: Drinking lots of water helps to reduce weight naturally. So if you also want to lose weight, then start drinking enough water instead of soft drinks, packed juices and beverages.
  3. Helps To Energize Muscles: Water deficiency can cause muscle fatigue and cramping, according to research, it is clear that the body does not work properly if our muscle cells have not adequate fluids. So start drinking water after and before exercises, workout and to starts hardworking.
  4. Helps To Keep You Younger: We all know that our skin consisting of planting water contents and acts as a protective barrier to prevent excess fluid loss to keep your skin healthy and natural moisturizer.
  5. Helps To Prevent Kidney Stones: Water is necessary to transport the waste toxins in and out of the cell by the help of kidneys to pass out it in the form of urine. It also helps to prevent kidney stones to dilute the salts and minerals in the urine and cleansing them properly.
  6. Acts as an Energy Booster: Water helps to transport oxygen and other essential nutrients to the body cells to work hard and proper functioning.
  7. Remove Stress: We all know that our brain tissues consisting of 85% water content. So if our body dehydrated, both mind and body will be stressed. So drink water after some time or make habit to drink it in the least bit of sips.
  8. Stay Regular With Water: Water is the best supplement that helps in better digestion. It helps to dissolve the waste material and passes them smoothly through your digestive tract.
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You can also check the list of high Content of water based fruit and vegetable here as follows:

  1. Cabbage
  2. Cucumber
  3. Pumpkin
  4. Cantaloupe or Muskmelon
  5. Coconut
  6. Watermelons
  7. Oranges
  8. Blueberry
  9. Pineapple
  10. Raspberry
  11. Broccoli
  12. Cabbage
  13. Cauliflower
  14. Spinach

Water has many other health benefits like treat headaches, Diabetes, Heartburn, Angina, Hypertension (high blood pressure) and much more https://www.ayobali.net. If you know more health benefits of water, then please share your knowledge with us to serve others better.