One of the things that you want to get ready this summer is a ripped six pack abs body, so that you can finally start showing them off in your public beach and swimming pool. If you are not already in shape, here are some tips to help you get started.

One of the fastest ways to quickly shred those excess fats from your body is to have a solid eating plan that will help promote faster metabolism rate instead of one that will slow down and store fats, this way you are more likely to see results faster.

So how can you do just that? One of the ways many will agree on is to actually eat more consistently over the course of a day, try to eat at least 5 smaller meals per day instead of the regular 3 meals that we are so used to. This way your body will understand that it will need to work regularly and thus increasing your metabolism rate.

That being said, it is important to know that you want to eat just enough to lose those weights instead of increasing your weights. One way to do so is to find out what your daily caloric requirement is per day to maintain your current weight. After you have the number, just minus off about 15% off that number, this way you will be eating to lose weight.

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Since you will be eating 5 times a day, you should take that number and divide it up so that every meal you eat will be proportionate writer. The real secret is to have consistency on your eating habit, this way it will get your body metabolism rate in tune, it is just a matter of getting your body used to it, this way you will achieve faster results.

Eating aside, you will also need to be working out on your own to burn those fats. You can start performing cardio exercises that have known to help burn fats, these exercises includes kick boxing, swimming, running, jumping and anything that can help elevate your heart rate and increases your fats burning.

Finally, just be sure that you have a plan in mind when you are doing all that to make sure that you stay on course and achieve results faster!