The aggressiveness in dogs is a major annoyance to the owners. The aggression buds due to frustration and dominance in dogs. Frustration and dominance is caused due to meagerness in exercise and calm-assertive leadership, respectively.

In the cases of red zone dog behaviors, mistakenly the breed is being blamed by the people. The distinctness between a quarrelsome Chihuahua and a pit bull is that bigger breeds create bigger damages.

Understanding the ability of a well-built breed such as the pit bulls, cane corsos and Mastiff is primary. These dogs cause serious injuries as they are very powerful. A dog doesn’t exhibit their aggression deliberately on growing up.

Bad dog behavior and dog issues are not intended. The antagonism is pulled out when the powerful breeds or mixes of powerful breeds live with people who are willing to take care of them. Basically, people are more concerned about the look or popularity of the breed rather than considering whether they are fit for their lifestyle.

Becoming the dog’s pack leader and implementing rules, boundaries and limitations are the ways to control your powerful breed. You have to be willing and able to fulfil the animal in your dog as in nature.

Fear-aggressiveness among dogs are due to inadequate dog exercise which  helps in burning dog’s excess energy and just maintaining healthy state of mind. This is important as it helps in removing energy from the body which is essential for talking to the mind.

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The sheer size and strength of a powerful breed like pit bull, mastiff, Rottweiler or any other huge dogs can become a threat under frustration. The red zone dogs are normally the frustrated dogs. The dog behavior should be controlled before raising the frustration by maintaining the position of pack leader.

When a dog is aggressive towards other dogs, it is inter-dog aggression. This excessive behavior can be of genetic factors. Inter-dog aggression occurs mostly in non-neutered male dogs and the symptoms are seen during the puberty. This dog behavior is seen among dogs of same gender.

Certain Symptoms of dogs violet behavior:

  • Growling
  • Biting
  • Lip lifting
  • Snapping
  • Lunging towards another dogs

Body posters and expressions like crouching, tucking the tail under, licking the lips and backing away are supplement to those behaviors.

The causes of hostility include past experience, owner’s behavior, fear, painful medical condition, selective breeding and genetics.

Harmony animal hospital provides a platform for diagnosing aggressiveness in dogs. If abnormalities are observed, consulting a veterinarian would help find the underlying cause and thus it can be cured.