What is Eczema?

Eczema is a disease of the skin that causes inflammation of the outer layer of the skin. The symptoms include redness, swelling, itching, skin flakiness, cracking, bleeding and sometimes blisters with oozing pus. Eczema can also be found in the creases of joints. Eczema flares can cause brief bruising to the skin during the healing process that clears upon healing. There is no known cure for eczema, therefore, the goal is to focus on treatment of the symptoms of discomfort and maintain skin integrity. Natural home treatments and remedy for eczema are few but Dead Sea Salt eczema treatments are a practical approach to solve a skin disorder that as of yet has no cure.

Treatment Options

Eczema can be treated in with medications which come in various forms. These choices include corticosteroids, antibiotics, and anti-itch medications. Basic practical approaches to help relieve eczema can include also moisturizing the skin, avoidance of harsh detergents and soaps, and making changes in dietary intake. Alternative treatments include oatmeal, sulfur, and finally sea salt water in particular, Dead Sea salt water.

Corticosteroids are topical steroid cream that is used to combat immune system responses and inflammation. In the case of eczema, hydrocortisone cream is the popular choice for use with flare ups. Side effects from using corticosteroids include thin skin and increased risk of skin infection due to decrease of immune system in response to the use of the drug. It is suggested an antibiotic always be taken in conjunction with corticosteroid use.

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Anti-itch oral medications like Benadryl and Phenergan are used because they are antihistamines which allow the body to turn off its ability to receive the itch signal which in turn stops the scratching of the skin and allows the healing process to begin. Anti-itch topicals are used as a direct remedy to the skin for immediate relief. Examples of anti-itch creams would be brands like Cortaid and Gold Bond cream.

Sea salt water according to the British Association of Dermatologists “may help some with atopic eczema.” The Dead Sea in the land of Israel has particular properties that have been found to have healing properties for skin conditions and many come from around the world to bathe in its waters and find relief from persisting discomfort.

What if you could bring those healing properties from the Dead Sea into your own home? Using Dead Sea Salt bath and Dead Sea Black Mud soap from Cleopatra’s Choice is your gateway. All of these products are made with healing ingredients direct from Israel and its purifying waters and are sure to cure you from all your skin worries and discomfort. Cleopatra’s Choice Dead Sea Salt eczema regimen is an excellent choice for eczema longterm treatment.

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