Aloe vera is a plant that has been used for medicinal purposes for many centuries. It can be used to relieve and cure burns, scrapes, cuts, sunburns, insect bites and more and has also been used for internal health benefits. But can aloe vera help treat acne? The answer is a resounding YES. Acne is totally the contrary of aloe vera. While the latter has anti-inflammatory properties, the former is simply inflammation, so aloe vera can definitely reduce inflammation, redness, swelling and dryness as well which are the symptoms of acne. The end result is less acne breakouts. Using aloe vera as an acne treatment can be done externally as well as internally.

External Use

Since aloe vera has healing properties and beneficial for skin, it is used in many skin care products nowadays like creams, lotions, soaps and gels. Aloe vera also contains salicylic acid and has anti-bacterial properties. Salicylic acid can act as a keratolytic agent which gets rid of dead skin cells by peeling the top skin layer and opening clogged pores that can potentially contain bacteria and dirt. Salicylic acid is also great against acne blemishes.

Furthermore, a small percentage of the aloe vera gel contains saponins. These are soapy substances which have antiseptic and cleansing abilities and can be used as anti-microbial agents to effectively keep you safe from germs, bacteria and viruses. Since acne is bacteria related, you need to clean the affected areas from impurities and get rid of the acne-causing oil on your skin. For this, using aloe vera soaps is a good step forward. Next, you can apply some gel and then make use of lotions to finally apply the creams for moisturizing your skin. Using aloe vera as a mask at night and removing it the next day is also a good alternative.

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While using aloe vera derived products is helpful, you won’t get all the benefits usually because these aloe vera products are mixed with other ingredients as well. To get maximum benefits, some people use the plant directly and apply the gel on their skin. Aloe vera has also been known to help in regenerating new skin activity.

Internal Use

Aloe vera is not only beneficial for physical treatment but can also be ingested to combat acne. It is available as juice, pills, capsules, supplements and other forms. It helps detoxify and cleanse your body, eliminating toxins which are some of the major culprit for acne breakouts. You can be creative, for instance when drinking your favorite fruit juice, you can add some aloe vera juice in it salatiga. Consuming aloe vera has also other benefits like healing ulcers, regulating blood pressure and eliminating constipation by facilitating bowel movements and defending your body from harmful organisms. In addition, it can naturally control blood sugar levels in diabetics and help improve blood circulation as well.

Aloe vera might not cure acne completely but can certainly lessen the effect to a great extent. So you can’t go wrong with aloe vera as an acne treatment. It’s recommended to consult a dermatologist first though to seek advice before starting any acne treatment using aloe vera. But as always, it’s best to attack acne at the root with a more healthier lifestyle like proper nutrition, rest, exercise, proper hygiene, less stress and drinking lots of water. This will help eradicate acne from its root.

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