The question many people ask is whether the Alli pill is truly a miracle drug.

And the answer is not that simple. Indeed, by inhibiting enzymes that normally “break” the fat into smaller pieces, the Alli pill can indeed prevent ingesting these fats and get them out of your system by natural means.

The problem is that this way, the stools are very soft and the transition of these lipids through natural ways causes diarrhea often uncontrollable.

Possible Outcomes

In fact, the effect of Alli was finally diverted. While at first, its goal was to actually catch the fat and keep them from getting into the body, now the side effects that result from this action should prevent the ingestion of fats in the body.

But for those who are holding up, the long-term effect is possibe. In fact, it is well established as a diet low in fat and calories and therefore will inevitably lead to an improvement in terms of weight.

Some people followed the Alli diet and has already managed to lose 6-7 kilos, which is not negligible.

Side effects

Besides the obvious effect of diarrhea, some doctors warn against non-fat intake. Because although it is generally advised to eat less fat, it is still necessary to keep a certain amount of fat in the diet, as those are necessary for the human body to function properly.

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Risk resulting from taking too little fat can cause a dangerous build up of sugar making.

Alli pills also prevent the ingestion of certain vitamins, so it is recommended to take vitamin supplements during your treatment.

Benefits of taking the Alli pills

  • Force you to eat less fat
  • Loss of weight in the long term

Disadvantages to taking the Alli pills

  • Uncontrollable diarrhea
  • Risk of nutritional imbalances and deficiencies


Alli pills are diet pills which can work for a limited number of people jerawat. However, if you start the process, you should expect to have to seriously modify your diet. The risk of having diarrhea are also very likely to happen in the early months.