In order to know about the pink eye symptoms, first we have to look into what the pink eye is.

The other name of pink eye which we most often use is ‘conjunctivitis’. The pink eye is the red colored membrane which is covered with fluid that covers the inner part of eyelid. A different variety of small organisms such as bacteria, fungus, viruses, and different dangerous toxic agents are reacted by the aforesaid reddish membrane. The pink eye symptoms which are mostly occurred due to various types of virus and bacteria frequently attack the children. Although the true fact is, the people of any age group may also be affected at any time.

We have to be very alert about the causes which are responsible for such pink eye symptoms. Some typical bacteria and viruses are responsible for the cold and flu related diseases. Infection in the sinus, ear and throat infection is the external visual symptoms of pink eye symptoms. Some other types of diseases which are transmitted sexually (STD) such as Chlamydia, gonorrhea etc. may have this outward symptom. Pink eye symptoms can also be the effect of certain allergies. People living in the outskirts of the cities and countryside often are attached by the allergic conjunctivitis which is caused by the pollen grains of ragweed, small scales of animal skin and hair, minute dust particles etc. It has been noticed by the physicians that, even some chemical substances such as certain soaps, chlorine even smoke can be the cause of conjunctivitis.

The following are the risk factors that are responsible for pink eye symptoms:

  • Open exposure to the person who is already a victim of the conjunctivitis
  • Direct contact to an allergen which is the root of allergic conjunctivitis

The pink eye symptoms may appear even after seven to fourteen days of affecting with the viral conjunctivitis.

The reason for the pink eye is inflammation. The following are some clues of the disease:

  • Generally one eye is affected first in case of bacterial conjunctivitis and water comes out continuously from inside the eye
  • The allergic conjunctivitis catches both the eyes at a time which results in vigorous itching inside the eyes, which is followed by continuous watering both from the eyes and nose.

The doctors normally do not suggest medicines for the pink eye symptoms but advise the patient to keep his eyes clean and to wash them as many times as possible. In most of the cases the symptom is cleared naturally.