The Yag laser is the technique. In this technique skin tissue can absorb the energy of body, without harming the upper layer of skin. YAG lasers technique, which are used optically pumped or laser diodes. This is one of the most common kinds of laser, thses are used for many different applications of body. YAG lasers are typically light. YAG lasers technique operate in both pulsed and continuous mode, In Pulsed YAG lasers are typically operated is called switching mode.

Switching mode is inserted in the laser cavity waiting for a highly population inversion in the

Neodymium. After treatment light wave may run by the cavity’ that will depopulating the excited laser medium.

In this technique switched mode, result powers of 250 megawatts or pulse durations of 10 to 25 nanoseconds. YAG laser absorbs in the bands between 720-750 nm and 795-825 nm.

If low current passed then current densities flash lamps, it has higher output in these bands than do the more commonly xenon lamps’ they produce more and more light at around 910 nm.

High quantity of the neodymium dopant in the material varies. Which are according to its use. And For continuous wave result.

These doping is lower than for pulsed lasers, lightly doped rods can optically distinguished through less colored with high white, while higher-doped rods are pink-purplish in it

Other simple host materials for neodymium are yttrium lithium fluoride 1057 and 1055 nm and yttrium orthoyanadate 1068 nm. Host material is chosen in sequence to get a desired mixture of optical and mechanical or thermal properties of it. YAG lasers or variants are pumped either through flashtubes and continuous gas discharge lamps. And it is near infrared laser diodes.

YAG lasers has been proved to be commonly useful in providing the most beams for gravitational wave interferometers such as Virgo and tama.

YAG lasers technique are used in the treatment of ophthalmology to correct posterior capsular pacification, many of condition these may occur after cataract treatment, for some peripheral iridotomy in patients. These patients with acute angle glaucoma. It has superseded treatment iridectomy. YAG lasers techniques are used for pan-retinal in patients.

YAG lasers technique can be used to remove skin cancers. These are mostly used to remove benign thyroid,it is used to destroy primary malignant liver lesions or secondary liver lesions.

These lasers technique are also used extensively in the field of cosmetic medicine.

Technique YAG laser has been used for removal of uterine setpa. These technique is used within the inside of the uterus which are very effective.

YAG lasers are also used in producing for engraving and etching.

It can be used for flow visualization techniques. Like particle image velocimetry.

Technique YAG lasers are used for soft tissue surgeries, such as gingivectomy.

In the technique of leaser there are a variety of non-surgical approaches for tightening skin. YAG laser has been used to tighten skin carefully. After using this technique, you can feel more improvement in yourself.